“Black Buck”

Built as a Cold War nuclear bomber, the Vulcan saw action only at the very end of its service life. François Prins has the story of its use in the Falklands. Although the three V-bombers – Valiant, Vulcan and Victor – were intended to counter the threat by the former Soviet Union, two of the […]

Battle of Britain Day

Sunday 15 September 1940 was the day on which massed waves of Luftwaffe aircraft came to attack England expecting little opposition, though were met by a strong force of RAF fighters which hit the enemy formations with might. As dawn broke on 15 September 1940, there was a touch of mist in the air over […]

Messerschmitt Bf 109E cockpit

1 Revi gun sight 2 Clock 3 Magneto switches 4 Altimeter 5 Magnetic compass 6 Boost gauge 7 Air speed indicator 8 Turn and bank indicator 9 RPM gauge 10 Propeller pitch indicator 11 Fuel and oil pressure gauge 12 Undercarriage indicator 13 Fuel contents gauge 14 Oil temperature gauge 15 Coolant temperature gauge 16 […]