Issue 3 - Supermarine Spitfire: Contents

Published: 12:19PM Mar 26th, 2010
By: Web Editor

Birth of a legend... P7’s new colours... Spitfire test pilot... Shuttleworth’s ‘missing’ gem... Historic Aircraft Flight... BBMF’s newest recruit... Goodwood’s Spitfire years... Spitfire ‘sky spies’... Alone and unarmed... Spitfire metamorphosis... Kiwi tribute...

Issue 3 - Supermarine Spitfire: Contents

6 Introduction
8 Birth of a legend
10 P7’s new colours
18 Spitfire test pilot
24 Shuttleworth’s ‘missing’ gem
26 Historic Aircraft Flight
28 BBMF’s newest recruit
32 Goodwood’s Spitfire years
38 Spitfire ‘sky spies’
48 Alone and unarmed
54 Shark’s mouth ‘Spit’
56 Keep ’em flying
57 Rolls-Royce Merlin advertisement
58 Spitfire metamorphosis
62 Kiwi tribute
66 Early warbirds
70 ‘Sailor’s’ top guns
74 The chosen squadron
84 Seafires in action
90 Inside the ‘Spit’
94 Spitfire sisters
96 Spitfire fighter sweep sortie
103 Spitfire masterclass
112 The oldest ‘Spit’
118 Mk.Ia cutaway
120 Shadow factory
126 Desert ‘Spits’

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